Women Playing waiting game in divorce

There were times when a bad marriage break up or divorce meant doom for the women as they had no say in financial assets and property of their husbands. But the proposed amendment in marriage act which allows women to have 50% share in her husband’s property in case of divorce can turn things in women’s favor.

It has been reported that the number of divorce cases have gone down as women are waiting for the final outcome of this proposed act. Some of the women who have filed for divorce have asked their lawyers to go slow with the divorce proceedings.

Men obviously are not happy with this change as they can lose a major chunk of their financial assets to their estranged wife. They also fear that this law may be misused by women for financial benefits. But keeping in mind the general perception  this amendment is a welcome move and may even stop marriages from breaking and stop atrocities on women who have to bear the financial losses post divorce.


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