Marriage Laws to become more women friendly

The Marital laws in India can be become more women friendly if the proposed bill is passed in Lok Sabha. The bill has already been passed by Rajya Sabha to modify the marriage act and special marriage act which considers marriage breakdown due to irretrievable circumstances as a valid ground for divorce. The bill also proposes that the women should have share in the property owned by the husband.

The bill is a welcome move to empower the women of India who do not have financial security after divorce or marriage breakdown. The share of the wife will be decided by the court keeping in mind the prevailing situation. Although women do not have any right on ancestral property owned by the husband but the value of such property will also be taken into account to decide the final alimony.

This is a very crucial development in terms of women’s right after marriage although bill needs to be passed by lok sabha to become a law.


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